Notched Motorola One

Earlier this month, Best buy started taking their pre-orders for the Motorola Smartphone, the notched Moto-Smartphone has to be released in the US market by this week, Best buy has the Motorola One in stock, Unlocked , So anyone can buy the product either black or white.

The best buy is one of the exclusive seller of the Motorola One and the asking price is $399.99 for this smartphone. Do we think this price tag for this handset is worthy in paying or is it at the higher end to buy this phone. First and foremost the higher end phones are been sold in the different countries like India at $220. Secondly , while most of the specs from the Motorola One are pretty cool & nice, It’s notched 5.9 length inch display only has 720 x 1520 pixel resolutions, meaning pixel per inch (PPI) density is just of 287. At almost the mid-range phones of this year & previous year has the displays with the densities of at least 300 which is usually higher, So the screen of the Motorola one will be not be look as sharp as the other competing smartphones.

If in-case the users who are going to use this Motorola One’s screen which would last long your battery pack-up, Motorola says that the smartphone has built-in battery of 3000 MAh which would ideally last for a day- being said that this will be the similar to the market price.

The best thing about the Motorola One is that they have integrated the google’s Android  program. That means the device comes with a bloat-free interface and will receive the timely software updates for at least next 2 years after the launch of this phone. The new Moto smartphone runs Android 8.1 Oreo right now, but as per the update the Pie Android 9 could be available for the download before the year ending.

If the consumer is going to buy this Motorola one then they should be aware that the phone will only be compatible AT&T and T-Mobile (as well as prepaid brands), So it cannot be used on the verizon, Sprint & Us Cellular.

Just be smart in buying the products which will help you to do justify the money to be spent on the handsets.




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