Asus ZenFone 5Z will update to Android Pie 2019

Asus handsets are not been up to the mark when it comes to the fastest Android device inventors to bring official Oreo updates for the company’s best phones, but unlike many other OEMS, this Taiwan-based tech humongous never forgotten about its lower-end, ultra-affordable phones.

The similar could be true by 2019 for over the air pie goodies, although right now we know is that the high-end Asus ZenFone 5Z should start receiving its first big Operating System by end of the month January 2019.

Again it’s not gonna be thunder fast blaze update, considering brands like OnePlus, Nokia,Motorola,Sony & LG have all joined Google and trying to get Android Pie over the 0.5%  trading in 2018.

However we all know the fact that Asus is not a participant in the Android One Program, which would allowed it to release the new Operation System builder earlier, accordingly they might have set an expectation, Samsung is not expected to update any of its popular flagships this year neither.

Bottom line, January next year is not gonna be a horrible Android upgrading timeline for the handsets… predicting that Asus will be delivering according to their promise around the globe. Technically, the confirmed it in India, but the same ZenFone 5Z Configuration (model number ZS620KL) this phone are also sold it for a reasonable price $499 in the stateside.

This was one of the first Android Phones to unregretfully embrace the notch back in February, although its going to be an US commercial launch will done in August. Equally appreciated and castigated for its own kind of camera performance in-our deep review, Asus ZenFone 5Z basically received a number from the photography-focused software updates in the mean time they will retain its 8.0 Oreo version.

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